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All of we want to make our gift beautiful. The beauty of the gift make happy our family members and friends. The IDL Motors has made it possible to make your gift beautiful. Established in 1991, Industrial Design Laboratories has been consistently producing thin and ultra thin linear motors. Motor cars and toy trains are favourite playing items of young boys and girls. They love to play especially with thin and ultra thin toy car models which actually resemble original cars. Our motors are designed skilfully by efficient designers and are manufactured with several high technological integrated body parts. Our cars and toy trains are designed specifically with low noise and ultra high reliability. They produce outstanding performances. We prepare our products with highest technologies and best designs to give it an attractive look and awesome performance. The constant up gradation with the latest technologies and developing of new innovations into reality have made our company quite popular in this market. The critical problems for radial and linear drives like embedded computing; computing industry, 1U servers, defence and aerospace, HVAC and industrial ventilation etc are easily solved by us. We also solve special problems of the 1U servers where computing power is always increasing and which leads to the unmanageable driving cooling. Our ultra thin products include ultra thin integrated motor cooler, ultra thin integrated motor blower and flat integrated cooler JC-1.We have recently launched the linear propulsion systems propelling mini motion trains, toy trains, racing cars and any other minute things that move along the thin track. IDL has a good collection of Collectible Moving Toy Trains. As Christmas is on its way you must plan for some good gifts to give to your near and dear ones. Children especially boys are fond of racing cars and trains. Our cars with special technologies make them happier. For an ideal Christmas Gift, present our cars and trains to the children and make them smile happily. With our extra ordinary linear and radial drive outline and designs and low noise products we have been a brand with very high demand. As Christmas Gifts we are introducing linear propulsion system automated toy trains . We will continue to create more enhancements for our thermal managements for a wide range of market. The linear motion devices include Christmas Nano Xpress train, bullet trains and cars, ghost Nano express train, parts of hobby products and Nano kit parts. You can keep toy trains at your lawn or drawing room to give it a pleasant look. To fit it into your room for decoration, you need train sets and measuring tapes to fix it. Our other products include fans, blowers and thermal transfer modules. We offer Collectible Moving Toy Train at a reasonable price. The company aims at producing more products of Linear Motor Drives further. We strive to deliver you the best products at a reasonable rate. Our high grade technology associated with our products help us to achieve more buyers. The production of latest technological motors with a consistency made us achieve more fame and popularity in the market. We are one of the best racing car and toy train seller in this industry. Our efficient work and good products reward us with the fullest of customer satisfaction. Our efficient production, reasonable prices, high-end technologies, form factor and unique performance have made us to be a prominent name in this industry. This unique piece will give a smile to your kid’s face and also can decorate your living room table. Hurry up and order us your favourite models and have a joyful Christmas with you and your close ones.

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Gift Toy trains as Christmas gifts to your near ones. IDL brings to you Collectible Moving Toy trains which are upgraded with the latest technologies and attractive looks.


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