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eface media is a full service ad agency offering advertising, web design and development, and video production services to the Long Island, NY metro area. Our clients range from Fortune 100 Companies to local businesses, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and not-for-profits. eface media is situated at Long Island; NY is the leading long island web design and long island web development company and long island ad agency. eface media has been a family-owned business serving Long Island and the New York metropolitan area since 1989. Our clients range from Fortune 100 Companies to local businesses, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and not-for-profits. Service has been our highest commitment since we were founded in 1989. eface media had been designing brochures and catalogs since its inception.

We are a specialized graphic design boutique. Our services can include hiring models, art direction, photography and photo retouching, and copy writing. Our long island web design is the best option available. We provide proofs as well as final media and a wide variety of printing services, from short-run printing to large quantity offset. Our catalog and brochure projects are customized to the customer's and public's tastes. If a client prefers to use his or her own photographer, model or press, eface will often act as a creative and/or technical liaison. At eface media, we design innovative packaging learning about your product, the marketplace, and the potential buyer.

The result is that the packaging, including product bags, boxes, shippers, headers, labels and other displays which marry your ideas to the realities of the marketplace. Your packaging project will receive hands-on attention, whether in person or online. Our creative department, combined with our expertise in print management enables us to provide all kind of package design solution for consumer product companies on Long Island and in the New York metropolitan area. We also teach and build careers. eface media offers classes, tutoring and job skills opportunities in screenwriting, film production as well as video editing and more. We also teach Creative Writing. And Graphic Design which includes, working with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Quark XPress. Learn the basics of color separation, layout, typography, as well as web design and development using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. eface media is a leading New York and Long Island copywriting service for most forms of traditional print media. We create inspiring copy for advertisements, newsletters, brochures, catalogs and other forms of marketing collateral. Our writing services include researching industry information, creation of new copy, editing and proof reading. eface media uses organic, non-spam SEO to help your website achieve higher rankings in major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo and directories such as Dmoz.

eface media also offers premier print media services, including brochure and catalogue design, along with social networking campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) to the Long Island area as well as New York City. Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, can go a long way toward raising your SEO rankings. We do this by efficient professionals. This will help you connect with consumers and businesses that are searching for exactly what you do. We also do Projects for not-for-profits and non-profit organizations are offered at affordable prices, often scaled to fit the needs and abilities of the organization or project. Visit us and let us serve you better.

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eface media is the leading long island web design farm , and long island web development company. We also work as long island ad agency .


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