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Once you are done with your logo design process; then you will definitely receive several file formats from your consult designer in different file formats; it is your decision to choose the format that you desire. You should know about the different logo design format while choosing a logo design for your business. If you are choosing logo in jpeg format or logo jpg; then, you should know the purpose these formats serve to brands.

Let is first compare similarities between logo jpg and logo jpeg to find out the worth of these formats in support of a brand identity. Here are some similarities about the two:

1.Both jpg and jpeg formats are simple digital camera images.
2.Jpg and jpeg formats are utilized by the designer to enhance the quality of a logo.
3.Logo jpg and logo in jpeg are the most popular and compatible formats for designing.
4.Both jpeg and jpg formats support huge compression and high resolution.
5.Jpg and jpeg are ideal formats to be utilized for small file sizes.
6.Jpeg and jpg file formats support pixel based version of logos.
7.Jpg and jpeg format is also default format for images on the web.

Pixel based formats for logo can either be black and white bitmaps, CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key black) or RGB color palettes. A 72 dpi (Dots per Inch) pixel based image can be utilized on the web while 266 dpi pixel based image supports the print medium. In order to maintain the consistency in a logo design, the designer derived the both, logo in jpg or jpeg format from the vector based version.

Although, jpg and jpeg file formats are same; however, file format in jpeg is an extended version of jpg. Here are some advantages of the file formats in jpg and jpeg:

1.You can display, open and save jpg or jpeg files through various programs.
2.In order to send an email to the client, a logo in jpg and logo jpeg will be the ideal choice for a designer due to their small size.
3.In order to control the quality of an image, logo jpg or logo jpeg formats are mostly preferred by designers.

Although jpg and jpeg formats have several advantages; however, designer avoid using jpeg format for pictures with sharp images as it tends to blur them. Mostly, jpg and jpeg formats are used for pictures with many blends or gradient.      

Conclusion: You would have realized the purpose for which designers utilize logo in jpg or jpeg format. Both jpg and jpeg formats support thousands of colors; thus, designers utilize them in support of photographic images. In short, logo jpg or logo jpeg is the format for which business owner should go for due to their high compatibility to support several graphics designing software.

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Tammy Becker is Senior Design Consultant at Logo Design Consultant, a logo jpg and logo jpeg Brochure Design and cost effective premium quality Banner Design service provider. She has a vast professional experience in providing solutions to Small and Start up Businesses.


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