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Assaulted the word must be striking many things to your mind but my dear friends if you are not prepared for the battlefield of placement you will just feel the word. So let's get prepared and win the battlefield and give the slap on face of the people who are coming to assault you. So let's get started.............................

All the future professionals who are trying to trying to crack inside a company must understand the importance of English in their lives. My dear friends knowledge is important I fully agree on the point but if you are not doing anything to improve your personality and your English domain you are going to be a big loser on the long run .You must be feeling that all this f***in' stuff is written everywhere in every book but really friends this real life story will ring the bells in your mind and you will come to know what is the difference between reality and dreaming. A senior of mine in the college (I will not mention the name) was the topper of his batch. He was scoring around 80 to 85% in every semester examination, but he never gave emphasis on his personality. He was having a very casual attitude that I m the topper I will get the placement no matter what he never prepared for his way of speaking English, to improve his personality which he think was a time wastage, but unfortunately he was borned around 25 years earlier. So when the interviewers came to assault him he got assaulted and loosed his battlefield. He knew answer of everything asked to him but couldn't express him just because he never tried to speak in front of anybody and when the day came for which all his knowledge matters his tongue got stuck because no words were there on which it can move. In today's world you are dealing with MNC's my dear not for that Rs.5000 government jobs and believe me amount of competition in the market is much beyond your dream.

See fellow mates once you are for a campus interview of any company after clearing your aptitude examination it's only your spoken English and your personality which can show you the highway to get inside the company. I would like to tell you what are the steps which a company takes to let them you to become a leaf of their tree:--

  1. APTITUDE TEST:--This will test your analytical skills and your ability of quick responding.
  2. GROUP DISCUSSION:--This will test you're your vocabulary, your leadership skills and upmost your communicational skills.
  3. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW:--This will test your domain knowledge what you have done in your graduation.
  4. H.R. INTERVIEW:--This will test many things your communicational skills, your situational handling skills, your domain knowledge etc.

In this article my emphasis is on the most important part of all these exciting stuff which is improving your communicational skills. See no one can teach you about improving your communicational skills you have to come up yourself, hard work give results you have to work hard for it. What I can do is I can tell you the way to convert your Bicycle into an aero plane. So I am sharing with you the way by which I improved my English, some are:--

  1. Firstly and for mostly what you have to do is you have to give up your "SHYNESS" which is a very important thing if you really want some results. See people get shy out when they speak in front of anybody like what they will think of me, all will laugh on me etc., etc. Let them laugh on you there is no point that somebody laugh's on you, he is the biggest fool because what he is doing is he is losing his time on laughing on you & you are gaining your confidence and knowledge of your vocabulary.
  2. Secondly, what you can do is you can select a newspaper, e.g. The Times of India I mentioned it because I read it, I like the editorial page of the paper very much. Look reading a newspaper doesn't mean that just looking at the photographs and headlines and leave the rest. You should read the newspaper in such a manner that you can understand the meaning of each and every word which is coming in it. For it what you have to do is when you are reading a newspaper just tick all the words of which you don't know the meaning of, write these words on a piece of paper, just look at the dictionary for the meaning of them and take that paper wherever you go and just cram them then finally and importantly as you learn a new word just try to implement them in your daily life otherwise you will forget them.
  3. You must have heard of this many times before also but believe me it's just one of the best way to improve "Just talk to yourself in front of a mirror in English "It's a bit funny but it's the best way because once you gain confidence in your own eyes you can be The King....



So my dear friends if you want to improve in anything it's just not about communication it can be anything just don't feel shy, do hard work, improve your confidence and once the word confidence comes inside you can beat anybody.

I am not anybody to tell you about all this, I am also in a phase of improvement, what I want is we should all improve so that we can make our society and country a good one......

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