India a country of billion populations, India a country of youth, Youth who want to see their country shining out in this world, but the corrosion of age is stopping the shine of youth.

Youth a word comprising of five letters but the word is having immense energy which can blast of anything, but are they given the right opportunity by the government by the society of our country to come ahead. Youth who are trying to build the foundation of success are not getting the bricks the cement to build their structure.

All reading this article must be thinking that everybody is saying these types of things but is it really true so let me take some examples of the topic:-

  1. Let's take our car on the road straight towards Nuclear deal ,the deal was started when the B.J.P. government was in running phase ,than it got finalized when Congress government was leading the term ,every body knows that if this deal got finalized a huge amount of youth will get employment ,India can earn a high rate of money ,but it is Indian politics man ,the old horses sitting in the party which started the deal are opposing it because the deal got finalized in the term of their opposition party ,CPI-CPM a party having an average age group of above 60 people who never enter into the national elections but give their danda behind everybody.

My second example comes straight from the temple of constitution of India ,The Parliament a sum of above 500 M.P.'s sitting in the temple how many of them are below 50 about 10 or 15 ,can you believe it a population constituting of 35% of youth and the body which is running this country constitutes of only 5% of youth.

Now a very good question comes into my mind that-these things are very easy to say but why don't the youth directly comes into the constitution and change it by themselves.

But does the youth of India really wants to do anything .I am very sorry to say but I don't think so ;it's really very easy to say anything but I don't think that the youth of India really wants to come forward & take the handle of the constitution. If you ask them they will give you a handful of excuses about why can't they come .Common people you are the mass of the population you are running about 75% of Indian Economy, who bloody person have the guts to stop your voice from coming forward, so why are you not raising, why are you not awaking.

The time of speaking has gone, now it's time to do something, it's time to come forward, it's time to build the structure produce your brick's yourself don't let your rays to shadow down but let them shine, let them bring the spark out and burst all those people who still want to stop this country from rising because of shit of corruption.

Common mates let's do it, we are born to do it, we are born on this soil, and we have some responsibilities for our country. so feel yourself responsible:


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