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This goes to say that if you are a successful man, there will be hundreds of people to wish you and bless you and on the contrary, if you are a failure, you will be left alone like an orphan. The key to success is to develop leadership qualities. Some are born leaders and many develop leadership. Born leaders are the people who have a strong family background in a particular field of activity, which gives them an image by birth itself. Unfortunately all are not blessed with this quality. But certainly leadership can be developed by all individuals by sheer aptitude for it followed by hard work. Some of the qualities that are mentioned below might give footage for developing a better personality.

1) Stand in the front:

You must have seen a train, where in the engine will be in the front and it pulls all the carriages along with it. Just as the engine, you must always stand in the forefront and pull the whole organization along with you. Not only that, you should be as strong as the engine in all respects - physically, mentally and also financially.

2) Effective Public Speaking:


This is the biggest weapon in your armory. You can sway the whole crowd in your favour. We have seen in history, people who have the gift of the gab have changed the minds of millions of people.  Don't expect success in your maiden speech itself and don't get disheartened too, if you are a failure in your first speech. Remember, you cannot win a Cricket match with the very first ball you bowl. Have you ever heard a commentator saying "Here comes Shoib Akhtar and bowls the first ball and Pakistan wins", You have to bowl umpteen numbers of balls and each ball should be a better ball than the previous one and it is only then you can achieve success. Similarly you have to give umpteen numbers of speeches and each speech should be a better speech than the previous one and it is only then success will be yours.

3) Body Language:


Avoid bad mannerisms and gestures like holding the mike, putting hands in the pocket, meddling with your button, looking at the ceiling or avoiding to see the audience etc. Always look into the eyes of the audience, this will prevent cross talking. Go well dressed to the meetings. This does not mean that you should always wear your suit. Remember that you are not fully dressed, until you wear a smile on your face. It certainly doesn't cost much, but gets you a big dividend. 

4) Communication Skills: 


There are two kinds of communications - Oral and Written communication. Oral communication is the one wherein you speak and the other person listens. In written communication, you write and the other person reads. Written communication is more authenticated, whereas Oral communication is more effective and gives better personal touch but gets distorted while passing from mouth to mouth. When you want work to be done, personally talk to the people who are involved in it. This will yield better results. 

5) Shed Inferiority Complex:


Many times many people get scared to lead a society which has got tall personalities as its members. Of course everybody wants everything big. Big Car, big bungalow, big bank balance etc. But only one thing they want it very small. Guess what? Yes, you got it right; it is the mobile phone. Remember it is the small Mobile Phone that reaches your destination much faster than your biggest Car. The smallest people can do biggest wonders than what the bigger people can do.

6) Team Building:


Like a cricket captain, who places his players at particular fielding points, depending upon their skills, capabilities and aptitude, you too have to select your team and give them positions of their liking and interest. Co-ordinate between the groups and make them move like a homogeneous group. But never entertain groupism.

To gain the confidence of the group, you should posses certain qualities:-
1) Show consideration, courtesy and politeness

2) Choose your words carefully

3) Think win/win situation 

4) Smile and be kind 

5) Be a good listener and be enthusiastic 

6) Give honest and sincere appreciation 

7) Never argue but discuss 

8) Never criticize and never complain. 

7) Goal Setting:  

Imagine you are playing a game of Football. There is a goal post in front of you and all the time you take the ball towards the goal post and strike it into the goal post. Just imagine the goal post is removed. You really do not know where to take the ball and where to strike it. You totally become directionless. Goal setting will yield better results as you have a direction to move towards achieving your objectives.
Success brings hundred fathers and failure makes you an orphan-President John F. Kennedy of USA. 

8) Planning:


A signboard of company appeared like this: 6 months + 365 days = How many years? In the normal course it is 1.5 years, but in that company it is 1 Year. Six months of planning and 365 days of hard work will result in a fruitful and successful one-year in your organization. Plan all the 52 weeks of your year right now. 

9) Execution:


Decentralise the work to the respective people in your organization. Follow up the progress made. Persist on them to complete the work. Motivate them whenever required and finally compliment them on their successful completion of the assignment.  

10) Time Management:  

Before going for time management, we must know the value of time. To know the value of a year, ask a student who has missed an examination because of ill health. He would say, "I studied for one long year-alas, I lost one year". To know the value of months, ask a woman who undergoes miscarriage. She would say "I carried the baby for 6 months and everything went as a waste". To know the value of a day, ask the daily wage earner. To know the value an hour, ask young lovers. To know the value of a second, ask an athlete. He would say "Had I ran a fraction of second quicker, I would have created a world record". Time once lost is lost forever. Time given to us is exacting and demanding. Let us make the best use of it in building the Organization collectively.

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very effective!!! these tips will help a lot in times of GD