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  1. Ramakanth was an IIT student who joins a helmet manufacturing company. For an year he has been working in the technical department. The helmet manufacturing company has been in existence for nearly 25 years and is registering losses for the past 2-3 years. Its product which is ISI certified is losing market share to local companies that produce cheap helmets without ISI mark. Recently, the government makes the wearing of helmets compulsorily and the company finds it a great opportunity to make profits. Meanwhile Ramakanth is shifted to Testing department. Once Ramakanth decides to test the helmets himself and finds that 6 out of 10 helmets were substandard. He reports his findings to his superior who assures him of taking necessary action. However nothing happens for the next 2-3 days and on checking the records, he finds all the products are cleared. He approaches the MD of the company, Anand and explains to him his findings. Anand tells Ramakanth not to be too concerned and look after his work. What should Ramakanth do?
  3. Dinesh is a manager of tastewell al-night pizza which has two outlets. A group of 7 college students helps him run the place. He's on good terms with them. The bonus system for the manager is such that the lesser the amount of unused food the more the bonus. Unused food also includes extra food given away free, food that gets wasted due to wrong ingredients, burnt food, food which is eaten by the employees etc. Dinesh is very friendly with his employees and turns a blind eye to their casual attitude, and does not report the frequent free extra toppings and pizza's they give away and eat themselves. Now, for about six consecutive months Dinesh notices his bonus is going down. On consulting with his chief, he is told that he has to do something about the efficiency of his operation. Dinesh goes to his employees and tells them that from now on, employees shall not be allowed to give away free food to their friends, eat whatever they wanted etc. They are to be rationed to one medium pizza and one 500 ml coke per day. The next month instead of the percentage of unused food decreasing, it increases and two of his best employees quit and join a rival outlet, which pays less than tastewell. What should Dinesh do? 
  5. Their is a Technical institute WIMWI. The batch size is 200. All have been placed in campus interviews. Mostly MNC's recruit from the Institute average salary is Rs. 40 Lakh in MNC's and 3 Lakh in Indian companies. Ibrahim is the head of media council and has to prepare press release. The Ministry of MaPower (MMP) is of the opinion that the institute is catering to MNC's and not to its mandate of providing Quality Professionals to Indian Industry. The institute is subsidized by Government. Ministry wants inquiry. If Ibrahim quotes the exact salaries and the fact that major recruiters are MNC's the ministry will raise hue and cry. If he does not then recruitment may suffer next year. What should Ibrahim do? 
  7. Mr. X started a company to manufacture pump set and after few years he also opened its subsidiary for smooth operations. He also appointed a factory manager to look after the same company. Later on he converted the subsidiary unit into a manufacturing unit. After some time, when he investigated the various operations and accounts, he was shocked as he found some manipulation. Actually the Factory manager sold out entire scrap and distributed the fund raised among the workers. Consequently, he sacked the Factory manager and appointed a new one. Because of this action workers stopped working and went on strike. What will you do if you were in place of Mr. X ?
  9. A handloom company is running in heavy losses and its sales have gone down. You as a head of the team have to discuss various reasons for the same. The group was also supposed to suggest possible solution to the identified problems .
  11. A Milk and Milk products company, BBL is in existence for 28 years and has a good customer base, supports many employees and villagers by purchasing their milk, etc. One Mr. Kalakotwala with over 20 years experience in related field recently joins it as its CEO and Mr. John again with good work experience join it as its inspection officer. After 6 months of their joining the company, there was a complaint that products of their company had larva, bacteria in them and a raid had been ordered. When Mr. Kalakotwala heard of this, he asks John who assures that the authorities will find nothing wrong. During the raid, the officials found that the products had manufacturing date printed on the carton 3 months later than they were actually manufactured. The officials also seize some 27,000 liters of milk from the factory. A press conference is scheduled for next day morning. Mr. Kalakotwala is worried.
      How should he handle the situation and what should he tell the press?
  13. In a company called X, a woman is facing some problem as she is the only working member in her home. She takes frequent leaves and is quite insincere in her work. She is not able to deliver quality in her work. Her husband is idle and does not support her and asks her to continue her job. She does kitchen work, takes care of her kids and also works in the office. You are the manger of this company, so how will you solve her problem… 
  15. This is a story of an emotional girl. She is very ambitious and intelligent. She has qualified for both IIT and MBBS and opted for MBBS at Pondichery. After going there, she returns to her home, as she is scared of ragging. Now that she has come back to her home. What are the possible career options existing for her…?
  17. Dr. Atul Bhatia has done MBBS and then, MBA from a B-school in Indore. He is working in a pharmaceutical company in the Marketing department. The job involves lots of traveling. Problems start when his traveling schedules are haphazardly organized, e.g. from Mumbai to Delhi to Chennai to Chandigarh to Bangalore to Kolkata. Then, his office premises are also used by a charitable organization by the management, since it feels that he is not using the office for more than a week in a month. Rest of the time, he is traveling and hence, he can sit outside along with the secretaries. Finally, he's not invited to an important meeting in Chennai and when he tries to call up, they don't respond properly. "What should Atul do?
  19. Deepak is a young guy who recently joins a publishing company. He gets the idea of bringing out books on Indian Mythology, conducts market research and finds that the proposal has a good potential. He refers this to his superior Mr. Gopi who also likes the idea. But the MD of the company doesn't like the idea and no action is taken.
      Two years later Gopi becomes the MD of the company and decides to implement the idea and also to give a promotion to Deepak. Deepak now has a different idea. He believes that the books would be outdated within 5 years and hence an internet edition would be preferable. However Deepak is afraid that his boss may not like the idea and this may even effect his promotion.  What should Deepak do?
  21. The case was on a textile manufacturing co. established in 1984 having a global presence in the industry with its clientage consisting of big companies like Walmart etc. The company is presently managed by the son (MBA from Stanfoard) of the owner. The father doesn't believe in recruiting MBAs while the son is of the converse opinion. Suggest arguments that the son can use to convince his father. To recruit MBA's. 
  23. Gwalior Rooyi is to setting up a textile plant in Nivunakinapalli, which doesn't have too many skilled workers. When this plant starts recruiting, they end up with people already employed in (only) three other existing industries. They are accused of 'buying' our people and threatened with loss of market share due to losing out on present customers. How should the management react? 
  25. Ramu has been working with Jhingbang Co. Ltd for the last six years and has been rated as one of the most efficient in the job. One day he is caught with a stolen bulb while leaving the duty. The management is in a predicament. What should it do?
  27. Toofan plateau has not been getting rains for the last couple of years and the surrounding villages have been suffering from drought, though a perennial river flows eight kilometers away from the inhabitation. Government proposes to build a dam across the river to harness the flow for the betterment of the plateau. But the dam is likely to submerge eight villages and an age-old much revered temple of goddess Durga who the villagers believe blesses the plateau. The villagers are against the submergence of the temple. How to resolve the issue?
  29. In an institute AIM, the students council decides to provide students with stationery and hosiery items at a reduced price. In the first month, they make a profit of Rs. 300 on sales of Rs. 3,500. Subsequently, the council decides to open the store for all the members of the institute. For this, it has to buy goods for which it makes a down payment of Rs.15,000 and another Rs. 10,000 to be made subsequently. It borrows Rs. 8000 at 18% p.a. from a financial organization. A part of the students then decide to boycott the council doubting its intentions. The student's council has stocks worth Rs. 13,500 left unsold. What measures would you suggest to deal with the present crisis?
  31. A bindaas group of eight Dil Hai University students plan to go on a motorbike expedition to the nearby hill station Smilie on a three-day break. On the way to the hill station, they have to go through a village hamlet. One of the two vehicles which were cruising ahead of the other two, runs over a village kid and flees from the spot. Meanwhile, elders in the village come to know about the incident and decide to search out the culprits. For the students, this is the only route to get back to their home town. The group has four girls whose safety had to be taken care of. If you are the members of this bindaas group, what would you do? 
  33. There is a private rail company 'Aage Nahin Jayenge'. Its trains aren't running on time. So, there is a lot of criticism in newspapers. The manager appoints a person as the in-charge of a 'Punctuality Cell' and gives him all the powers and, asks him to deliver the results. The person tries to coordinate everything. Drivers who don't run the train on time are asked to report to the manager. But the drivers and station masters say that it's not their fault. The tracks are bad and the engines used are very old. What should the manager do? 
  35. Chemco is a subsidiary of an engineering company with a turnover of Rs. 75 crore and a 15% bottom line. It initiated the implementation of an enterprise wide integrated software and systems solution and hired the best consultant - Dramco. The scheduled budget was Rs. 2.5 crore and time frame was two years. At the end of two years, a committee was formed to review the implementation part. The MD found that the project was only 40% complete and facing serious cost and time overruns. The top management blames the consultant, the plant level managers and the workers for the delay. On the other hand, the consultant blames the top management. Identify the problem and discuss the course of action.
  37. Modidon Fibres has its factory at Nikhil Nagar. Gopi is a senior truck driver of the company. He had put in 15 years of service and was very popular with the plant officers for his dedication. The company in appreciation of his efforts, promoted him and made him the MD's driver. However, in contravention to company's rules, he used the vehicle for some personal reason and met with an accident killing a person in the process. He is taken into custody and let-off by the court on bail. In the meantime, the personnel department suspends him from the job and serves a show cause notice to him on the matter of 'termination of services'. What is the problem in the case? Should Gopi be removed form the service? 
  39.   A fertilizer company, Pizza and Urea, is located near a village, Payamudirsholai, on the banks of river Pamba. One day, the villagers find fish dying due to fluid waste form fertilizer plant. The community makes a representation to the govt. through their local MLA . Since fishing is the main source of income for these villagers, the govt. issues an order to close down the fertilizer company. The management is also asked to compensate the villagers. The fertilizer company's contention is that the damage is not due to their fault. The company manages to get a stay order on the govt. ruling from the High Court. While the social activists file a case in the Supreme Court hoping for justice, the villager folk are deprived of their main source of income due to the death of the fishes. Suggest a solution to the problem in the case. 
  41. MSoft is a software company established six years ago by PCC (a construction firm). PCC cannot give a very high salary as it would not be consistent with their other business. The ultimate aim of Msoft is to enter the export market but it takes a full six years to do well in the domestic market. Msoft decides to hire a firm SYSQS to start a training program and to improve their business operations. SYSQS does a good job and MSoft starts to reap the benefits in the form of several prestigious projects. MSoft employs 15 new people. Then in the middle of a crucial project, two senior executives leave for better remuneration. What should the GM of Msoft do?

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