Spelling Test 2 - Online Test

Test Difficulty Level: Easy

Syllabus of Test

English: Find the correct option from the following.

Sample Question from this online test:

Question: Find the correct option from the following.

Option A: Wsaken

Option B: Wasken

Option C: Weaken

Option D: Wisken

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R@vi Gupta on 2009-07-26 18:08:01 wrote,

in ques 13 options r same......

abhilash sahu on 2009-11-17 10:54:13 wrote,

kuch aur chaahiye

Aashirwa Tale on 2011-08-04 07:44:06 wrote,

answers for 13 are given same....

neeraj singh on 2011-08-07 17:47:54 wrote,

Unlucky to miss full monty.....

joyeeta tarafder on 2011-08-09 09:28:23 wrote,

vry gud..........

Hemanth Guttikonda on 2013-08-06 11:22:30 wrote,

look at q no.13