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THE DICTIONARY defines 'education' as the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement, and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for adult life. The definition sounds very good but seems to have lost its meaning today. What I have observed and felt in the last few years of my life is that most of us have become indifferent towards the society and nation as a whole. As I tried to find the reasons behind it, one thing was for sure that the prime reason is 'education'.

It is true that education is of great importance and we cannot move ahead in this highly competitive world without education, but when this education makes people indifferent, the meaning of education ceases to exist. When a person starts his education, he is more affected by the happenings in the society and tries to resist the wrong things. Eventually, education makes him analytical. He analyses all the problems and takes action only when something bothers him. Unless that matter concerns him, he is happy.

How many educated people vote today? Not enough and that is why this section of people does not feature in the list of strategies of political parties. This group blames the government/organisation/ bureaucracy for everything, but does not vote. Why?

What was your reaction when you saw a blind man on the roadside waiting for someone to let him cross the road. You were in your car with your friends and you thought of helping him out but something stopped you, isn't it? What was that thing? You might have thought that getting out of the car just to help the blind man will not suit you. And you told yourself that someone will definitely help the blind man.

There was a protest/strike in the wake of some wrong policy of the government. The group heading the protest requested you to come down and join hands for the cause, which was definitely not their cause alone. But you relaxed in your drawing room watching television and told yourself that I am getting my bread and butter, I can afford the education of my children abroad and this issue is not going to have its impact on me.

So let it be! Why to sweat out for others?

Many of us don't want to join defence forces, government jobs, civil services. Why? The reason we tell ourselves is that there is hardly any money, politics, lack of opportunity (though I doubt it) etc. One dangerous trend, which is emerging from the economic liberalisation and globalisation is that money has replaced every little thing today. You study cases of depression in the country and you will notice that in majority of the cases money is the main factor. Education has made us more animal friendly and environment friendly, but has taken us away from the human values and from acting for something which we believe is correct.

There is so much furore when a pug is made to run after a bus but we turn a blind eye when a group of people parade a woman naked in a village.

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