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WHEN THE media underscores cases filed against Sachin Tendulkar for cutting an India-shaped cake or Sania Mirza for disrespecting the tricolour, it is merely lapping up. I look upon at such episodes to be a futile activity, with no firm grounds. It is just a way of a person to get into the limelight, out of nowhere. With the aim of receiving good TRPs for showing scandals and controversies surrounding the sportstars, Bollywood big shots and other fields' icons and the electronic media endow such pranksters with good exposure.

Mirza has become the target of few sick people in past as well. Last month, Indian police registered a case of trespass against her for filming an ad in the premises of a mosque in her hometown, Hyderabad. The 21-year-old has also faced an edict in the past from a Muslim group after her tennis attire was termed un-Islamic.

I am extremely disappointed by this recent controversy surrounding Mirza of showing disrespect to the tricolour. The Indian ace from Hyderabad is aiming for a top ten place in singles and doubles this year. She has got a very important year ahead of her. Most importantly, in the Olympics, she will be playing in the women's singles and she has a great chance in women's doubles of winning a medal. Not too long ago, Time magazine named Mirza among a group of people, who would create and change history.

Rumour has it that the tennis star has dishonoured India's flag by placing her feet right in front of it, while watching a match at the Hopman Cup in Perth. A lawyer in Madhya Pradesh has filed a case against her. If found guilty, she could be entitled to up to three years of imprisonment and a fine.

I really don't know what to say, but I am out and out against such allegations that are baseless. Mirza is a great nationalist and she has the highest regard for the national flag. It is not long ago when she had protested in the course of a match abroad when the Indian flag was not properly hoisted, and she had resumed play only after the mistake was corrected.

The legitimacy of the photograph is also questionable. The angle of the shot distorts the proximity of Mirza's feet to the flag. Moreover, it is possible that the flag was placed in a row in front of where she was sitting. Whatever be the case, one should refrain from dragging someone, who is doing so much for your country, unnecessarily. But unfortunately, this has now become a trend in India. A time may come when people like doing good for the country would be marred by controversies and would be unable to concentrate on their performance that should matter the most!

Mirza is considering her future after the latest controversy. Everything is adding up and she is starting to wonder whether it is all worth it! But, people close to her are advising her to hang in there.

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