DBMS: Basic Test 3 - Online Test

Test Difficulty Level: Medium

Syllabus of Test

Computer Science: Questions related to Database Management System.

Sample Question from this online test:

Question: A translator which reads an entire programme written in high level language and converts it into machine language code is:

Option A: assembler

Option B: translator

Option C: compiler

Option D: system software

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vishnu sharma on 2011-07-20 17:10:26 wrote,

what is the name of the technique in Which the operating system of a computer executes several programs concurrently by switching back and forth between them ?
Option A: Partitioning
Option B: Multitasking
Option C: Windowing
Option D: Paging
Your Answer: B
Correct Answer: C
I think it should be multitasking,would u like to correct it.
If i m wrong then explain me how it is

Divya Chauhan on 2012-05-22 18:53:38 wrote,

Ques 3 Option D is : Work Processing.
I think it should be Word Processing.

shilpa kondawar on 2012-07-30 16:34:37 wrote,

No I think its Paging

Nitin Jain on 2013-08-19 08:03:44 wrote,

Pls update the site for the typo like Word Processing inspite of
Work Processing.