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IT is more difficult to be grounded in happiness than in the sad moments. Actually its very important to digest your happiness sometimes...when sad-happy moments are all the same: two sides of a coin; then just as you have to be patient enough to tolerate the flops of life, same applies to the flip sides as well !! You need a lot of patience to be stable when you get happiness.

If you dip yourself into happiness, make your mind to do the same when the attached sad ones arrive in near future. This is the 'duality principle' of life though no Einstien has proven it as yet!

Happiness and Sorrows are often compared to 1s and 0s, highs and lows, positive and negative, white and black etc or simply as good and bad. However they just are like left and right hands or more appropriately 'switch and socket'. Though its very difficult to see it as this because it has been put deep into our mind since childhood that sorrows are 'tough' times.

We more than often define 'blessing' as the shower of happiness; however it actually is just the power to be balanced when either of the two arrive! When we go through the so called rough patches of life we are told that soon this will pass and springs will be back in no time.

But if you you go just one more step further, there is another big fat 'sorrow' in the timeline followed by another happy moment. The cycle goes on but we do not want to believe that this is so.

Most of the times 'we live for the beauty of the moment', forgetting all past and present.

And of course just as you try giving such things a serious thought suggestions will pour in regarding living in the present celebrations:

"why spoil the times now because of the future??"

"Enjoy the life, enjoy as much as you can since it has a limited stock." Etc......etc

And again we get drifted in the ongoing strong wave of happiness and bliss all around.

But hey! this scenario does not at all intend to prove that its a sin to enjoy when life calls.

It simply focuses on the worthy little point that the way you 'enjoy' your good times there is nothing so very different in case of the bad times as well.

Why waste time blaming-cursing your times, your past deeds, your destiny etc in bringing you to the state you are in?? Just as it is aptly stated in an ancient text that-

"Sankat mein aur sankat par hi hansna chahiye kyunki sansaar mein sankat ke atirikt hansne yogya kuch aur to hai hi nahi!"

And be sure to dance less on the happy notes of life since life will make you dance the same way when it plays the sadder note! But the choice is again yours !

Enjoy and be happy in an amount proportional to your tolerance of the so called lows'. Nothing goes unbalanced in nature and there is no way out to escape. Enjoy every moment of the GAME that is called life!!!

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