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PHP: Test 1 : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Give one word: The technique in which when form data contains an SQL escape sequence and inserts a new SQL query to be run is called ...

JSP: Test 1 : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Which tag in the jsp is used to define the error page? ...

JDBC: Test 2 : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Which of the statement below does not correctly defines the difference between JDBC and ODBC ? ...

IQ Test 1 : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: A husband and wife had six married sons and each of these had five children. How many members were there in the family? ...

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The Importance of Opting for the Right Products in Acne Removal : Article
With a great number of cosmetic companies being set up in the world today, it has been essential to find out which are the ones which are well capable of providing great results for Acne Removal. ...

Cost-effective and time-saving techniques of printing Catalogs : Article
Catalogs are the handy marketing tools for promotion and expansion of any business. The perfect sketching of a catalog is a fetching feature to generate interest in the customers and helps in pushing up the ‘sales figure’. The manufacturers can adopt the cost-effective and time-saving techniques prior to getting the catalogs printed. ...

AFFIRMATIONS-Self talk to attract success and improve your life : Article
Affirmations can be used to manifest our needs and to bring permanent change to our life. An affirmation is everything we think and say. The subconscious mind does not make distinctions between negative and positive thinking and self talk, which means that we have to be careful to choose only positive affirmations. Affirmations are the powerful method to transform your thinking patterns. Affirmations help to experience seismic changes in many aspects of our life, for the better. ...

Doorstep loan - Instant approval loans : Article
People obtain a few other strains through the time of urgent situation. These other strains require urgent courtesy. A large amount remun ...

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Linear Search : Code
DescriptionC Language: Linear search program will search a no. whether present in array or notSource Code ...

Multilevel Inheritance : Code
DescriptionJava: a basic program of multilevel inheritanceSource Codeclass A { A() { ...

Matrix Multiplication : Code
DescriptionC Language: To multiply two matrixSource Code#include<stdio.h> main() /*{ int x a\n& ...

Fill Slider : Code
DescriptionAn Applet applicationSource Codeimport java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import ...

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