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General Knowledge: History & Culture : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Gautama Buddha was born in the year: ...

General Knowledge: Indian Politics : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: A major obstacle to democracy is: ...

General Knowledge: Geography : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Coal is found in ...

General Knowledge: Indian Economy Test 2 : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Dimond mines in India are at ...

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Biometric Face Recognition : Article
Biometric face recognition works by using a computer to analyze a subject's facial structure. Face recognition software takes a number of ...

Safety Light Curtains & Robotic Work Cells : Article
IntroductionIf they are to provide adequate personnel and machine safeguarding, robotic work cells require traditional safety co ...

15 Secret To Boost Your IQ : Article
The same reason that people visit the gym on a regular basis, is probably the same reason you’re interested in raising your IQ. We just ...

Review of Wireless Technologies : Article
Wireless isn't the black art that many think it is, but it's still a complex process affected by a broad range of variables. Before you s ...

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Date & Time Trailer : Code
DescriptionThis code displays an Analog clock which also displays Date following Movement of Mouse.Source Code ...

Slide Show : Code
DescriptionThis code displays a Slide Show of Images in the order the user puts them.Source Code <!-- Dro ...

Color Chooser: Background Color : Code
DescriptionIt is a code which chooses the Background Color.Source Codeimport java.awt.BorderLayout; import ...

Combo Box : Code
DescriptionThis code provides Link to various other Websites using a Combo Box .Source Code <html> <body> <script langua ...

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Importance of Colors PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category Image Processing ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

Glucose Monitors and Glucose Sensing PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category Biotech and Biomedical ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

Global Standards Used Locally Worldwide PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category General ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

Confronting The Enemies of Leadership PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category Management ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

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